Posted by: tonkatsudelights | April 21, 2007

Raffles Town Club


Had an offsite meeting last week in Raffles Town Club. Convenient location. Too bad, there isn’t any nice views around.

Anyway, there are only so many places where you can have offsite meetings in the tiny Singapore. Our previous meetings were in The Sentosa Resort & Spa, Orchid Country Club, and the likes. Not bad, really. I always treat it as a good break from the office. Not many people can find me when I’m offsite. Not many follow-ups. Except from my bosses. Yes, bosses — not boss. Because I have 3 bosses. Well, they say the higher up you go the more bosses you need to please, so… yeah…

Raffles Town Club has pretty a good deal for the room charges. Certainly a cheaper solution vs. our 5-star corporate hotels. With private jaccuzi inside each room, I think they’re actually better than most of our corporate hotels.

My only complaint is actually about the food they served. But then again, everytime I have offsite meetings in country/town club —and not hotel— the food is usually disappointing. Which is the same in the case of Raffles Town Club.

The first day we had lunch at their Miyabi Japanese restaurant. Poor Matsumoto-san —my colleague from Japan— he came all the way from Japan to eat Japanese food in Singapore. 🙂  I ordered the beef yakiniku set. The taste? Doesn’t even come close! I don’t even want to start to elaborate…


On the second day, it was a bit better. I had the pan-fried dory fish fillet with tomato basil, which came tasteless at first, but I had the salt and pepper come to the rescue. The dessert, on the other hand, is quite nice.


Definitely, Raffles Town Club will never be my favorite offsite meeting place in Singapore. At least not for now. But I would certainly give it for the convenient location (just 20mins from my home) and the good value they offer vs. 5-star corporate hotels.



  1. brings back good memories, although it’s situated at the ugliest place in Singapore (hideous crosshair at Steven’s road and smelly SCGS girls, eeks)

  2. dear ms. jade — what memories, if you care to tell?

  3. growing up lah! you know that we both live ONLY 20 mins away from there right… 😛

  4. Hahaha… ok ok… i understand.

    I can imagine now little ms. jade hovering around the area… maybe in schoolgirl’s uniform… pinafore etc? 🙂

  5. yes, indeed. a pinafore was uniform for quite a fair bit that area, but thankfully not scgs. stinky girls.

    them food look good, you don’t like it?

  6. haha.. yeah.. food looks good. but presentation is only one side of it, don’tcha think?

    now i’m wondering why you call SCGS girls smelly and stinky…

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