Posted by: tonkatsudelights | April 12, 2007

Ma-rutama Ramen!

Marutama Ramen! Marutama Menu Board in Japanese

I had the chance to try the new ramen place in Central Shopping Mall last Sunday, Ma-rutama Ramen, which is the branch of a Japanese ramen restaurant in Tokyo.

This is the first time to go to Central, btw. And I noticed there are quite a lot of Japanese food outlets. I spotted the new branch of my favorite Waraku restaurant and Tom Ton right on the same floor. Hehe. Next time I don’t need to go all the way to East Coast to eat at Waraku.

The menu in Ma-rutama Ramen is very simple. The soup is chicken-based and we can have it normal or spicy. The standard Ma-rutama ramen comes with a piece of cha siu and some seaweed. We can then add our own options on top of it. For my first visit I chose the normal soup with extra cha siu. Ms. PF, my companion for the night, chose to go with the spicy soup with extra seaweed. We ordered kakuni, which is basically pork belly braised in soy sauce, on the side.


The must-haves of good ramen for me are: 1) tasty thick soup with enough stock (regardless of whether it’s miso-based or not, whether it’s chicken or pork-based), and 2) the skinny ramen that still have the ‘crisp’ when we bite it (i.e. not soggy). And Ma-rutama ramen definitely has them! Yaaay! Now I don’t have to dream about the ‘Number One under the Sky’ ramen I used to frequent in Japan. 🙂

Price is also reasonable. The basic offering is at $12 per bowl and our extras costs $4 each. What more can I ask? The only disappointment for the night is the kakuni, which is only okay for me.

Nevertheless, I went out from the shop with a big smile on my face. 😀



  1. pray, tell me for i am eager to know. is central shopping mall in singapore? i’ve never heard of it.

  2. yes dear, it is in singapore. it’s a new shopping mall right beside the swissotel merchant court, clarke quay. the place got several japanese food establishments and cafes. i’ll go back there only for that reason. hehe.

  3. Singapore is scary. It’s like legoland.

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