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Introducing my Mom!

Eh… no, not my Mom, actually. She is a very good friend of 5 years. Only few years older than me, she is like a mother to me (note: maybe I need to grow up). When I first knew her she was based in Ipoh. That was where I usually ended up when I had my sudden impulse to drive to Malaysia. She stayed in a townhouse inside Meru Valley golf course. It always felt like I am in a holiday house whenever I visited her. How not to feel so? I opened the window of the bedroom in the 3rd floor, and there it is … the view of the mountain and the golf course right at our doorstep.

And she surely acts like a mother. When she was in Ipoh she would be the one taking care of all of our meals. Where, when, and how to take us there. And no matter how many times we wanted to pay for our meals, she always managed to talk the restaurant owner not to accept our money. I can not beat her to it. Cos definitely I can not speak Chinese. And Mom? Coming from Liaoning province, Mom used to be a language teacher when she was based in Dalian. Tell me how to beat her to it?

Now that Mom has moved to Singapore, it’s our turn to show her some of the nice makan places. But I still have to rely on her to bring me to the authentic mainland Chinese makan places. I so wanted to try the authentic Sichuanese restaurant in Smith St., Chinatown. And Mom is the person I will surely bring to that place. She also has found the place that serves authentic cuisine from her hometown. Oooh… I can not wait!

Mom is also a good cook. Her sure recipe is the soy sauce + vinegar + garlic + leek that I described in another post before. Several times we came over to her place and she would serve 5 different dishes, all are using the same base recipe. They all taste amazingly different, though.

Going to Beach Rd. Chongqing Hotpot, also is a ritual that always involve Mom. Why? Hotpot is pretty standard, you would think? Hehe. Yeah… except for the sauce. Mom has a recipe to make the sauce as how northern Chinese people would do. And it’s so good I can’t get enough of it!!! It also converted my friend —who hated hotpot before— to be a hotpot big fan. There are too many ingredients in the sauce that I don’t even bother to learn to make it. Last I heard, Mom has influenced her colleagues to try her sauce… and now whenever her colleagues want to eat hotpot, they’ll take Mom with them. I hope Mom won’t get stomachache from eating Chongqing hotpot too often.

To me, Mom is an attractive mature lady. She is enjoying her being single right now. And I don’t think it’ll be so easy for her to step into another relationship, considering her experience from previous marriage. I guess she’s the type of person who loves so deeply…

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you would say. Once, when Mom was sitting down with us in Wala Wala, Holland V — one guy actually approached her and asked for her number. He said it was for his friend. Mom didn’t want to give it, of course, without knowing who. And so his friend came over to our table, and it turned out to be a young lady in her 20’s! Quite sweet and attractive. Hmmm… I wonder if Mom is giving out that vibe. 🙂

Mom and her 35th birthday cake Celebrating Mom’s 35th birthday in Il Lido, Sentosa Golf Course

Celebrating Mom’s 35th birthday!



  1. funnily, most of my “moms” are younger than me.
    good to have someone very maternal around, at times:P

  2. hehe. agree. maternal figures are very good for ‘kids’ like us.
    this mom is very cool. she cooks well. she goes drinking and clubbing with us. she deliberately doesn’t drink so much when she knows we’re drinking a lot. she dispenses relationship advice.

    i couldn’t ask for more 🙂

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