Posted by: tonkatsudelights | April 8, 2007

The Botak Jones Burger Set


A sudden dinner plan on saturday night. A friend suggested that we go to Botak Jones, which is supposedly a western food place in kopitiam setting and at kopitiam price. I have heard about it many times, but I just never brought myself to try it. So, yes, I’m game to go.

Let me first say that if I write about the food I eat, it is by no means a review or something of that sort. I am not a food critic. I just write to express my own personal opinion. What I like, other people may not. And vice versa.

We went to the branch in Ang Mo Kio. Looking at the menu I’ve really wanted to try the spicy n hot bratwurst. Too bad they run out of it. So I have to switch to the Botak burger set. Which is basically a homemade burger with fries and coleslaw. Very basic offering. And it tastes just like that. A regular homemade burger. With a bit tasteless fries.

I like strong taste, which is one of the reason why I find most hawker food in Singapore a bit bland (except for indian food, which is usually very strong). I am a fan of tasty and salty fries, as well as burger which has grilled smells. Unfortunately, not in the case of Botak Jones.

So… will I go there again? Maybe I will. But not for the burger or fries. I still want to try the bratwurst.

Oh yeah… another thing. Sometimes dinner is nice not because of the food only. But because of the people you go with. And especially if they threw ‘acidic’ comments to each other. I am such a happy spectator. 🙂


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