Posted by: tonkatsudelights | April 8, 2007

A Part-time Student’s Lunch

One of the things that I really enjoy saying is the fact that “I am a student”. Hehe. Because I feel really young when I say that. Huahahahaha…

Anyway. I am a part-time student. Twice in a week I would rush from work to catch the classes. And usually I have no time to have my dinner. On those days, I would just have a light supper instead.

Which is too bad, because one of the things that the other students seem to enjoy is the food in the cafeteria in Bizad building. So, one sunday, after my group project meeting, I made it a point to actually try some of the most popular dishes. And I notice that a lot of students order the Beijing dumplings. I remember once there was a girl who were queueing right before me. She actually ordered one dish + a plate of 10 dumplings + another plate of 20 dumplings! And I thought, OK, that couldn’t be for her alone… but still can you imagine finishing 15 dumplings per person on top of the other menu that they ordered?

And the same thing I observed again earlier today. Dumplings and dumplings everywhere. Every person queueing in front of me ordered at least 10 dumplings. Some ordered 20. Given this rate, I think they could sell up to 1000 dumplings a day. Man… that’s a whole lot of dumplings to imagine…


Anyway. At $3.00 for 10 dumplings and $5.00 for 20 dumplings it’s so much affordable for students like us. Hehe. The dumplings taste just OK and acceptable — but the key is the sauce, which is basically soy sauce + vinegar + garlic + leek, i suppose. I personally like stronger taste for the sauce. Which is the reason why I always take the dumplings home (besides the fact that I also don’t want to park so long because at $0.08 per minute it’s so ridiculously expensive! imagine staying in the campus for 3 hours doing the project). At home I would add vinegar and soy sauce to my liking.

This sure recipe of soy sauce + vinegar + garlic + leek somehow reminds me of a good friend, who always cook whatever dishes with those stuffs. I’m not saying it’s not nice, though. It actually is. 🙂 Later I will tell the story.

*scribble scribble*

*note to self: don’t eat the beijing dumplings if I want to meet friends later. It’ll kill them with the bad breath. Hehe.*



  1. -eyes pop-

    drool drool drool drool… :D~~~~~~~~

  2. come back to singapore!
    the food awaits you 🙂

  3. and it’ll be the only reason why i’ll come back to singapore 😛

    ya’lls be good with the foodie pics!

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