Posted by: tonkatsudelights | April 6, 2007

Near Miss

I should not drive when I am sleepy again. It has been so long since the last time it happened. Driving in Singapore is such a short distance that I hardly have time to doze off. But yesterday night I did.

Driving back from Mt. Faber to home, I barely could keep my eyes open. It has been such a long day for me and I hardly have proper sleep these days. I was about to doze off a couple of times already. But I had no choice to keep on driving. Until the moment I was riding along Clementi Ave 6 and was about to enter the slip road into PIE. I almost drove right into the road divider (!), but luckily, in a split second before it happened I opened my eyes and was able to steer clear of the divider (phew…). The car swerved a bit, but that was all…

I have been driving for more than 8 years now. Of which 3 years I drove right back in my home country. It was very easy to doze off during the evening rush hour when we were usually trapped in a 2-hr plus traffic jam. This is not the question of driving skills. It’s about stamina. We sometimes believe that we will be able to stand the drowsiness. But no… experience shows that’s not the case. I just sometimes don’t know which one is better. To drive home, or to sleep by the road side like one of my former colleague did. Back in my home country, nobody can guarantee your safety if you sleep inside your car by the road side…

*scribble scribble*

*note to self: I should not drive when I am sleepy again*


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