Posted by: tonkatsudelights | April 3, 2007

An Old Friend Came Along…

Woohoo… my old pal, Yungni came along last weekend. She was in town for the Phantom of the Opera (which I so wanted to watch, btw). I knew her since primary school… can you imagine that? That was more than 20 years ago!

She was my partner in crime. Throughout our high school days (or even up to university time) we would go around teasing people, play pranks on our friends… all for a good laugh. But I’m not called ‘opportunistic’ for nothing. Whenever I got the chance, I would ‘betray’ her and tease her instead. Hehe. I got no loyalty that way.

The other old friends, Sanny and Cias came along as well. I knew Sanny since high school, and Cias? Hehe… since kindergarten! I had pictures of us together at the kindergarten when we were still 4 years old toddlers. When we were still innocent. And cute! Hahahahahaha….

It’s just nice to hang out with close friends whom I have known for years. I was truly myself. No prejudice, no pretending. Just being myself. These are the people I have known for more than 10 years, 20 years, even more than 25 years. And we have been good friends all along.

We are at different stages in life now. Cias is ‘trying hard’ to get pregnant (I told her so many times to just enjoy the process 🙂 ). Sanny is just out of an ugly divorce. Both Yungni and I are still ‘single’… whatever that word means. Hehe.

Yungni and her friend 

Yungni and her friend. At the Gluttons Bay, waiting for the Phantom. She’s getting bigger & bigger these days…

 Goofy Cias

Cias and her goofy face.

Sanny’s hand - the most distinctive feature on her body. Hehe. 

Sanny doesn’t want to be photographed. OK… just her hand then…

Hanging out at the Iguana, Clarke Quay. Ooops. Sorry, no picture here. 🙂 I posted them in my Flickr only.


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